About Racetech

Racetech provides a platform for race director and participants. We are here to connect event organizers and participants with ease. Here anyone can create events and accepts participants registration. Participants can see list of upcoming events for them to choose whichever they like. Anyone can signup or create an account on our website and we will keep information about you and your events. We are also here to keep your events precious records which you can access anytime you want.

Our products and services

- Event registration
- Race timing
- Race result

● For organizers, Racetech can help you organize your event. With our registation platform, we will collect all the data and information you need. We can also help you collect payment with our online payment processing with automatic validation and confirmation.

● For participants, Racetech will let you find the events you wants to join, and helps you reserve and secure slot for that event. We also keep all the events any participants have joined, so they can easily access it whenever they want.

About participants

● Create an account and login.
● Go to Events > Upcoming events.
● Select the event you want, and click more info.
● You will be redirected to event page then select the event category you want to join. ● Select a payment option, continue and finish the process.
● Some payment option will send email instruction to your registered email. Since it is an automated email, please check it also on Spam folder. Read the instructions carefully and follow the payment process.
● Remember to complete and finish the registration.
● Once payment was done, the system will automatically process and validate your payment.
● Once registration was approved you will receive an email confirmation.
● You can also check the status of your booking under Event > My race > Joined Event .
● Note : You can also register other participants by selecting "Register for : Others" then fill up the necessary information
Upcoming events.

About event organizer

● Log in to your account.
● Go to Events > My events.
● Click Create Event.
● You must supply all the requesired information for your event
● After creating event go back to My events window.
● The list of event you created will be displayed.
● You can Edit race info, add Logo and image for your event, add category and payment options.

✥ How to Add distance / category.
● You must supply all the requesired information for your event
● At My events window select the Event where you want to add Disctance / Category.
● Click Distance.
● Add Category or Disctance name and the expected number of participants then click Add.
Create race event here.

1. Log in to your account.
2. Create the event and supply the details
3. On the "Participants option" select "With results for upload"
4. Go to Organizer > My event list then click manage. 5. On manage event page, click "uplaod result"
6. The file must be in excel spreedsheet format. You can download the template on the upload result page.
7. Make sure to supply the data in correct format.
8. Upload the file.
9. After uploading the file, the data will be saved in our database which will be available for public viewing. Race organizer may also edit the uploaded result.
Upload result here.