1. Log-in to your account and Select the event and category.
2. If the race event is not on the list yet Create race event.
3. After adding the race event Add distance / category, logo etc.
4. Download the template and fill-up the information.
5. Upload the result using the downloaded template.

Note : You must upload the results per category / distance.
Rank is automatically calculated based on time.
If you want to include DNF, DNS, DSQ participants, it shall also be put on the "status" column of the template with "00:00:00" as time.

● 1. Select the event and category.
● 2. The result will be loaded on the Result table.
● 3. Edit the details you want to edit.

Download template

File type (.xls, .xlsx)

Uploaded result

Rank Bib no. Name Gender Country Category Time Action