How to create event on racetech.


1. Log-in / sign-up on

2.  Go to Organizer > Create event page.

3. Fill in all the information and save.


Race type 

a. Race timing system - race result will be uploaded by race timing system.

b. Manual upload - race result will be uploaded manually.

b. Uploaded by participants - race result will be uploaded by participants. This option can be used for self timed race like virtual races.


Waiver option - If enabled, the participants will be asked to aggree with the terms and condition stated on the waiver.

 a. Use default waiver -  Predefined waiver.

 b. Customized waiver - Race organizer may create a customized waiver.

 c. No waiver - The registration will not ask for waiver.



a. Accept Registration - The system will accpet online race registration.

b. Upload participant list - Race organizer may upload list from file.

c. With race result for upload - Race organizers may upload race result from file.


Race kit claiming

If enabled, participants may choose to shipped the race kit to his preferred addess. Organizers may add shipping fee on top of the registration fee.


After saving the race information you will be redirected to Manage event option, in which you can add race category, registration fee, upload logo and other referrence image and add-on questions.